Hybrid Block Program

Hybrid Block Program

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This program is a natural next step from my Evolution program.

“Your body is an adaptive machine”

I’ve made this statement countless times in my videos and on Instagram and it becomes more and more apparent the more training experience I get.

Initially, you can do pretty much any form of training and your muscles will grow. However, after a while, your muscles mature. They get stronger, more resilient and seem to refuse to grow.

Maybe you’ve hit a strength plateau. Maybe you’ve increased volume and your body isn’t responding. Or maybe you’re just bored of your training. Not to worry, this program will give you the change of pace that you need.

Welcome to Hybrid Block Training.

This program will explain exactly how I've continued to make progress by applying several training styles that work synergistically. You'll get detailed workout routines, progression structures, pre and post workout nutrition guidelines, and, most importantly, direct access to me via email for any questions you may have. If you're looking for an extremely effective, challenging, and fresh training program, this is the one for you.

Note that this program includes a training protocol as well as details about pre and post workout nutrition, supplements, and recovery. It does not go over nutrition. The reason for this is that I don’t have anything new to share on the nutrition front. The 2.0 and Evolution programs contain the latest on my thinking about nutrition, so instead of just repeating myself in this course, I have made it 50% of the cost and left out the nutrition section