Aesthetics Without Sacrifices

The healthiest and most efficient approach to getting the body you want

The Most Efficient Way to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

The Aesthetic Professional Difference

This program offers you something that really no other course is going to and that is direct access to the author, FREE OF CHARGE. If you have any questions or issues at all - just shoot me an email and I will work through them with you. I'll be there to help you whenever you have questions or run into a plateau. There is no limit on the support that comes with this program; I want to support your fitness success over the long term

What is the Aesthetic Professional Program?


Shred Fat and Build Muscle

Learn bulletproof methods to guarantee fat loss and muscle growth. Apply the most efficient and effective strategies to get the body you've always wanted


Enjoy Your Life

Learn how to fully enjoy your life without making sacrifices. Effortlessly enjoy social events and your favorite foods while progressing towards your dream physique


Improve Your Health

Boost Testosterone, increase energy, enhance mental clarity and digestion. Learn exactly how I was able to transform my body while drastically improving my health

My Story


Doing Everything "Right"

During my first years of training, I thought I was doing everything right. I ate 6, carefully planned meals each day, I spent hours in the gym each week, I did regular sessions of cardio, and I took every supplement I could find. That picture is me after 3 years of this. Not only did my body look average at best, I felt awful and my testosterone and overall health were horrible. This only got worse when I started working 90+ hour weeks as an investment banker. I knew something had to change.

I needed to figure out how I could finally get the body that I wanted. Not only that, I wanted to feel healthy again, I wanted to excel at work, and I wanted to enjoy my life. I wanted to go out and enjoy social events. I wanted to travel while still making progress. 

Like you, I know exactly what it's like to struggle to get in shape, to get stuck in a rut, to miss out on enjoying social events because they weren't approved on my diet, to be overwhelmed by the amount of fitness information out there, to assume that my genetics must suck, and to consider giving it all up because nothing seemed to work.


Creating A System That Works

I decided that I was going to try every diet, every training protocol, every supplement that I could find until I found a system that gave me everything that I wanted. I was asking a lot - a fitness system that only required a few hours in the gym each week, the flexibility to eat out and enjoy social events, AND would improve my overall health? Everyone told me that it just couldn't be done, citing this or that research study or some fitness "guru" or by simply saying "it just doesn't work that way"...

I ignored all of this and just kept my head down and continued experimenting. I took a scientific approach and diligently recorded my progress, controlling only one training, diet or supplement variable at a time. Slowly, but surely I checked options off of the list; keeping bits and pieces of each strategy that I found to actually work. Even to my own surprise, the system that I had been searching for started to take form.


Putting It All Together

My body finally started to change; my abs became clearly visible, my muscles became clearly defined. I could barely believe it - here I was spending 3 hours in the gym TOTAL each week, enjoying my favorite foods, having great dinners out with my girlfriend (now wife), and I would even enjoy a few drinks with my friends, all while my body looked better than it ever had. On top of that, I was as healthy as ever!

It was a long road, but I am confident that I have found the most effective and efficient way to create the body of your dreams.

Whether your goal is to finally drop fat, gain muscle or completely transform your body, I am confident that if you work with me, you will not only achieve your goal, but enjoy your life and improve your health while you're doing it. Start your journey below!


Guys seriously, if you want to stop bullshitting and start gaining muscle/losing fat, go buy his program. There is so much crap in the fitness industry, and he has just wrapped up all of the actually useful info and given it to us for extremely cheap. Really, take this opportunity to buy his awesome program!


To anyone thinking about picking up the program, it's pure gold in terms of information and a very realistic lifting plan for those of us with busy lifestyles.


I lost 30lbs and doubled my strength. I can't thank you enough Jimi, your support and this program changed my life


Ive lost 10 pounds and I am stronger than I've ever been. I've been training on/off for 7 years, but this really took me to the next level. Keep up your good work.


I'm down 2 inches off my waist and my abs are visible for the first time in my life. Thank you, seriously.


I used to bulk in the winter then go on miserable cuts and would lose 90% of my gains and never really achieve the body fat % I wanted. With your program it was effortless for me to stay lean all summer and hold onto the majority of my muscle


Added 35lbs to my incline bench while dropping 5lbs in 6 months. It feels great to feel strong!

Appreciate your programme as it's really shown me the optimal way to train while also being manageable and sustainable, and fun!


I finally dropped that last 10lbs and am leaner than I've ever been! The program is easy to follow and Jimi was always responsive when I asked him a question over email


Jimi just purely wanted to share what had worked for him so that others may benefit, so I committed and bought the Program. Best decision ever.